Sunday, March 11, 2018

Self-acceptance is really a lot of fun!

I just hit a milestone birthday recently.  One that normally makes women freak out and start frantically buying tummy-shrinking corsets, dyeing any "grays" that start peeking through, and investing in expensive anti-wrinkle creams or even more expensive fillers and injections.

I must be an oddball because I have not had a mid-life crisis nor invested in any of these time-defying technologies.  I actually feel GOOD about my energy level and body, and think that my face has some character.  I'm as happy now with myself as I was when I was 20. (I think, that was a long time ago!)

Sure, I'd like to still be up for parkouring around the city and trying to decide what bikini to wear on my next sun vacation, but I am content with being where I'm at.  An older friend of mine said "Enjoy today - you'll never be any younger!"  Hmmm, food for thought.

Speaking of food, I will admit to having an insanely clean diet with no deviations or cheat days.  Even if I happen to be grocery shopping on a  growling stomach, I am able to objectively evaluate the nutritional benefit of everything that lands in my basket.  Once in a blue moon I go on a binge with the parameters that I can eat as much as I want from this list:  raw vegetables, green tea, plain skim unsweetened yogurt, canned wild-caught seafood, organic multigrain wafer crackers..... OK, try to hit 600 calories from this list and I promise that you will feel about to burst, which is not a comfortable feeling.

I hope you, my dear readers, are in a place of rational self-acceptance, and you can have some fun with healthy habits!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Should you train while on vacation?

I get asked this frequently by clients who are about to embark on getaways ranging anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks:  should the regular workout routine be maintained so as not to become deconditioned?

I fully endorse physically active holidays, but I also laud the value of a break from regular patterns.  The body responds to new stimuli more strongly than familiar ones.  This is why a new workout routine often leaves one sore the next day, whereas doing the program you've done for a month already will not.

Not to mention, a vacation should be a vacation 😎

Most of the time I recommend that my clients engage in physical activity, but to try something fun and/or new, something that one couldn't do elsewhere.  For example, on a trip to Rome*, climb the levels of the Coliseum and walk the uneven cobblestone and brick streets on foot.  Your legs will be begging for a good night's sleep after some fresh, truly authentic pizza (which is nothing like Pizza Hut, let me tell you!).  If your vacation includes a beach, try snorkelling, sea kayaking or wake boarding.  If you are in an urban centre and like the social atmosphere of a gym, drop in on a class you've never tried (Crunch Fitness chain in the US has some interesting group fitness options).

If your vacation is a cycling tour of the French Riviera or a hike through the Grand Canyon, 'nuff said.

* Been there, done that, including the pizza! 🍕